Equipment Recovery Corp also provides an in house auction service using multiple auction platforms. We are able to hold auctions remotely across the world. Our auction service is conducted online and gives the ability for everyone to bid (buyer approval required). ERC has been hosting auctions for the last 6 years. With our large client database, we are able to invite a wide range of customer's to our auction site. We are able to see information on who is registering for our auctions, making sure all of our bidders are serious buyers. With the auction style listing, we are able to liquidate assets on a faster pace instead of waiting for the hopeful price. We believe in bringing you open and fair results. We believe in transparency for better business practices.





Equipment Recovery Corp can also work with you on a consigment listing basis. If you have an item you are currently using or want to keep that item at your facility, we can also list this item on our multiple sites to reach top dollar for your item. We treat your equipment as if it were our own. ERC would come visit your site to take pictures along with documenting a full description of the item. We would then use these tools to market the items on all of our sites. We also would reach out to some of our customers that focus on that type of product to see if they would have interest in that item. Our job is simple - bring you top dollar for your item or plant.

Equipment Recovery Corp can also provide help with rigging and shipping needs. We will create quotes on rigging, along with your shipping needs (UPS ground, LTL freight quotes, flatbed quotes and any other shipping). Items that weigh under 90 lbs. (considering it is smaller in dimensional size), we can ship out with UPS Ground. We can also provide Next Day Air and Second Day Air. If needing a quote on freight or flatbed shipping, please send us an email using the form under the Contact Us tab. We will need your zip code, residential or commercial address and if you have a forklift. Our ground and freight shipping team packages every item in a professional and safe manner. 

Equipment Recovery Corp.


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Equipment Recovery Corp can provide appraisals on all industrial equipment. With years of knowledge in the industrial equipment business, we can have an appraisal completed in a short manner of time. We would be able to provide you with market value numbers for either your entire plant or any equipment you may have. ERC is a respected industrial equipment dealer and can provide any industrial appraisal in the machining, packaging, waste water treatment, chemical, food, plastics, mining, etc. 

Please contact us at 440.942.3003 and ask for Kevin Klicman.